The Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019.

December 12, 2019

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 a.k.a The Bill to thwart the democratic and secular fabric of our country has been passed by the democratically elected cabinet of our country and will be tabled in the Lok Sabha on 9th of December 2019. Now what is this bill all about. The video below will tell you about all the facts of the bill. Apparently, when the bill was on the floor of the upper house of the Parliament the Largest opposition party in our country (at least we still have opposition) the Indian National Congress staged a walkout which in  my opinion is a very major backlash for our country as this bill is not something which is passed by our parliament but a bill which is passed by single party. An example of how blatantly can a ruling party usurp power and openly discriminate on the grounds of Religion which is prohibited by the Indian Constitution. The book on which they pledge their sincerity. Another argument posed by the BJP is that our neighbouring Islamic republics which are Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan persecute minorities mainly the Hindus hence they should have the right to get refuge in the world's largest secular country i.e India or Hindu-Stan. But the only thing which comes to  my mind is that wouldn't an eye for an eye blind the whole world. We are not saying that don't give refuge to Hindus but what we are asserting is that keep it equal for all the religions because when a bomb strikes it does not differentiate between religions but destroys them all and hence it is our duty to protect them all. Muslims are the majority in minority and we house the majority of muslims in the world so isn't it our constitutional duty to protect their rights so that they don't feel scared in their own country. After the 1971 Indo-Pak war, our Country India gave birth to a new country Bangladesh which is a muslim majority country.  In 1971, an estimated 10 million refugees crossed the border from East Pakistan into India. The sheer magnitude of this movement of people – the largest single displacement of refugees in the second half of the 20th century – is staggering. Writing from the town of Barasat, a city located in the outskirts of Calcutta, West Bengal, Sydney Schanberg, a journalist with the New York Times, describes the town as a “swarm” with refugees “so thick in the streets that cars can only inch through” Our country has always welcomed people from all races and religions be it before independence or after independence and hence passing of this bill will not only violate the morals of our history but of our future too and hence I hope our parliament or the judiciary realizes this and labels it as unconstitutional thereby making it null and void. Another video showcasing how divided the parliament is on this bill. With respect to Assam this bill violates the clause 6 of the Assam Accord that assures to protect, preserve and promote the cultural, social, linguistic identity and heritage of the Assamese people. In Retaliation a long time BJP ally 'Asom Gana Parishad' has left the National Democratic Alliance. Hence to out rightly discriminate on the basis of religion is extremely dangerous as they did not get to choose their religion but they inherited it and hence it should not be a factor for debarring them from entering into a country. The very fact that one our MPs just tore the copy of this bill in front of the nation and compared it to an act done by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa signals that the parliament in toto is not in support of this bill. Many personalities even from the Film Industry have spoken against this bill for ex. Swara Bhaskar, Richa Chadha and Anubhav Sinha have raised their voice against this bill which shows how diverse is the criticism and what impact is it having on the society. Former judges, writers, actors and activists are among 720 prominent people who have spoken against the Citizenship Bill. The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) on Thursday moved the Supreme Court against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB), 2019, a day after it was passed by the Rajya Sabha, saying the law violated the basic and fundamental value of the Constitution that “all should be treated equally alike” and should be struck down for violation of the fundamental right to equality under Article 14. I fear that this government is taking a majoritarian form which is a matter of grave concern as we have an example of Sri Lanka as to how the political turmoil devastated their country and led to a civil war. Thus, I would like to end this blog by quoting the Indian constitution   "JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation; IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this twenty-sixth day of November, 1949, do HEREBY ADOPT, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION. " and would also send a copy to the Government of India.

Author - Prithav Bang


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