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The way human reasoning is being increased day by day , there willl be one day where elimination of differences will occur and humans will realize all are made the same and they are inferior to no one. At this stage people will realize that they are no lesser than celebrities and they too have the capabilities to do this as everyone has 2 hands and legs but its a wrong perspective.People will stop idolising people and stop being slaves to others rules or commands they will take their own stand and will live life by their own rules henceforth. The gap in everything will decrease soon as people will realize that they are one and the same.

Differences like Rich - poor , Fat - thin , Fair - dark , CEO - Employees , aristocrats - downtrodden , boys - girls in the sense no one will judge them on the basis of what they are and they will realize these are the differences created by human kind to enjoy the world

People though having the same no. of body parts have different capabilities all together.

People fail to understand that they are divided by their mental capabilities

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