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There is existence of people having types of addiction and one of the recent

type of addiction is PUBG addiction. Players Unknown Battleground or PUBG is

the game that gained huge popularity in all over the world within 2 years.

PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by south Korean

video game company Bluehole. Around 400 million people are estimated as its

player. It is seen that kids are influenced mostly, but what about the literate

population of teenagers and even adults who are adversely affected by this

game. They play this game around 7 to 8 hours a day without thinking what

affect it will cause on their physical as well as their mental health.

The mostly addicted people should ask themselves the question – does it

ruining their life ? what’s the impact of this addiction on their health ?

In glance let’s have a look over the effect of this game-- it is medically stated

that the players who get addiction to any video game or focusing

spontaneously on any kind of a screen , have a high risk of developing health

issues such as chronic Migraine , weakened eyesight , heart problems , laziness

, not only this but also disrupts one’s sleeping pattern , making one less

productive , socially isolated and in this way they lose their interest in outside

games such as cricket , football etc. which can keep a person physically as well

as mentally fit .

The addiction of PUBG is becoming a grave and sensitive problem in the

country to which not only the government but also the people of the country

should realize and should also fix this problem. Parents and family members

should take is as their responsibility to identify the warning signs of pubg

addiction in their kids. They must help their kids and dear ones to get rid of it

as quickly as possible in order to secure their bright future .

India is the country with the largest youth population in the world , and if

practically seen they represent their nation’s development and overall a vision.

So it’s very important for a youth to be aware that the one who is creating the

game is with the intention of earning money for his business. The effect of

their product and service to the receiver is totally avoided and ignored. They

make what addicts and attract a person at once , but it’s our responsibility to

be aware of one’s intention before using any product or service and make our

dear one’s also aware about that. Therefore this addiction of PUBG game

should be diminished among the youths of our country for the better

development of our country.

By Kushendra Agnihotri


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