'I' Perished And The Skies Brightened Up...........

I, me and myself are the most toxic words in the vocabulary which blindfold your eyes of the alluring beauty of the satisfaction. The sky appears to be brightened when you don’t brighten your lantern but move out and help others to brighten theirs. When 'I' disappeared and 'we' came in, the world became a better place to live in as it made me realise that when 'I' from illness is replaced with 'we' it becomes wellness. This life is a journey and the path is parallel to many others where the success isn’t measured by how ahead you are, but by observing the fact that how many people you help on the path because success tastes better when it’s shared with others. 

A question might arise in your mind that why should we share what we have earned or achieved? It is very natural to raise this question as you will feel whatever I possess is only mine and I solely own it, but you must be grateful to the almighty that you are been assigned in the category of givers and not of the receivers. So, what is wrong in deleting the 'I' and integrating in 'we'? 

This is what life is like, on every single point you have to change and upgrade yourself to become a better personality which will give you an outmatched view of the universe than yesterday. So, now it is high time we realise how harmful greed is for us, how ego destructs our life and how focusing only on the 'me' factor devoids you of the worldly pleasures. History is evident that no man ever on Earth achieved anything until he/she gained the courage to give what he had. 

 So, henceforth be prepared to experience miracles in your life whenever you will shrug of the feeling of 'me' and 'myself'. We shall replace all the I's and Me's with a simple and single word  'we'.  

Always remember ‘a candle never loses anything by lighting another candle'. 

Author - Prithav Bang


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