How to create a Perfect World

Updated: May 30

Poor people are just like us and they have been born in a different body They do not deserve to be in this state . we created this state by creating differences between rich and poor , its not their fault they are born poor. And we have no rights to enjoy more resources than they do . Imagine a kid playing with a lot of toys with you standing outside and watching him with nothing you can do, It’s injustice right??

Population is the problem .  Population is because these differences were created . If population was controlled there would be no poverty and everyone could enjoy their life to the fullest . If you are poor blame the population The difference between rich and poor were created because to make right allocation of resources as they are limited resources in the world and some unlucky people due to their birth miss out on these opportunities as they are born in a poor family as they get the least of resources through their family income or background.

The real World War III we should be fighting is this , battling poverty and not playing with missiles and ammunition around only to cause destruction of this beautiful placid world

Everyone deserves a fair chance in life , it’s ironic that most poor people work for 24 hours a day and do the most hard work but still struggle in poverty while the rich give 2-3 hours of their day and spend their day nicely in their cozy rooms , But i do not blame them for this as there is a difference in mental caliber and the rich are rich because they have worked for it day and night to see this day and they are what they are due to their own mental capability.

The only solution to this grave problem is curbing the population . Population is the root cause of these problems and if population is controlled , every soul will live peacefully and everyone will have a nice time on earth and no one has to suffer by congesting the world by more and more humans who will only compete against each other for these resources and not let each other live peacefully

It is observed that countries with less population have a higher happiness index as compared to the densely populated ones . They are even more developed as a country and have less unemployment rates .They have also been more historically successful (not a logical point) but a fact that countries like Great Britain and Japan have been powerhouses in the previous generations with British almost conquering the entire continent. People may see this as a boon that their is more employment opportunities available but what they don't see is that soon these jobs may be occupied and hundreds of others may fight for the same job which means that even competitive people fit for the job may not get employed and go into immense poverty due to this and if the population is not controlled it may turn into thousands.

I'm ready to die as a fact that i may be able to live a better life in my next birth and so that every other being gets to live a same quality of life as I do , For eg. My driver now may be able to live my life and gets to enjoy the resources of the Earth as I used to do.Im ready to make the future equitable to all where everyone lives the same quality of life.


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