RAG3 Clan mission

Updated: Aug 30

Our members of the clan are deeply invested into promoting other peoples social life stories so other people get inspired from it and soon we learn from others. There are billions of tunique stories around the world and we would like our customers to share it in this platform so we learn something from it and teach others. Our ultimate goal is to promote small scale businesses who have sparked with unique ideas and to remove poverty , if possible.

Update: We also do donation drives and we won't charge you a single penny to becaome a member of this auspiscious commitee. Our goal is to promote ourselves and promote others and besides that making sure no one lives with a healthy stomach while we are trying to help our community. As a member you can also edit our blogs and promote it yourself through your ways and get paid! Depending on theviews you generate .

We grow and help others grow ! for a sustainable development and a better future


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